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The Albertus Curriculum – So much more than teaching to a Test!

In 2016, Albertus Magnus High School, transitioned away from the New York State Regents Curriculum and Assessment Requirements, and in doing so, developed a standards-based curriculum which is vertically aligned to the Advanced Placement Course of Study and affords faculty the flexibility to expand and personalize learning. This unique approach puts students and learning first, ensuring students acquire skills and knowledge that prepares them for the future.
The AM curriculum was developed through a collaborative process which involves individual teacher contributions, small group sessions and larger group meetings. Relevant educational standards, including those proposed by content area experts, the Advanced Placement Curriculum, Next Generation Standards, and subject-specific Core Competencies, provide the foundation for learning. The resulting consensus reflects the collective thinking of classroom teachers based on collected data, their observation of student learning and their knowledge of educational best practice and research. The AM curriculum also includes teacher generated ideas for the infusion of our Dominican Charism and Gospel values.
Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools our curriculum clearly articulates the expected learning for all students while individual teachers have the flexibility to teach the content and skills in their own manner by:
  • Utilizing their own particular strengths and teaching style.
  • Integrating Microsoft for Education and various technology platforms to expand learning. Personalizing the classroom experience by addressing the varying learning needs of their students.
  • Determining the order in which the content and skills are presented within a marking period and seeking cross curriculum integration for connection and reinforcement.
  • Exploring content in a deep and broad manner once students have met the learning expectations identified.
To Summarize:
A nationally accredited college preparatory curriculum that features:
  • A traditional college preparatory curriculum that is anything but traditional. AM offers 12 Advanced Placements courses, 15 Dual-Enrollment courses and a full Honors curriculum.
  • Student-centered learning, absent of academic tracking.
  • Core Competencies such as higher-order and creative thinking skills.
  • Collaborative teaching and learning.
  • Varied modes of assessing Mastery.
  • Next Generation & AP learning standards.
  • Flexibility with course selection, allowing students to “specialize” in areas of greater interest.
  • Teachers and students can dive deeper into areas of interest in a particular subject matter allowing time for connecting dots rather than simply filling them in as part of a standardized test.
The Results:
This college-preparatory curriculum builds core competencies that help AM graduates receive:
  • 100% acceptance into college with over 85% earning acceptance into their 1st Choice.
  • On average, AM graduates earn scholarships in excess of $200,000 per student.
  • Acceptances at universities and colleges such as Yale University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, New York University, Villanova University, Binghamton University, Providence College, University of Miami, Clemson University, Fordham University, Manhattan College, Sacred Heart University.
  • Excellence in learning outcomes: 88% of our students earn a passing grade on the Advanced Placement Tests…over 20% higher than state averages.
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