School Reopening Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Safety

    Will temperatures be taken each day?
    All teachers and students will have their temperature taken before entering the building each day. In addition, temperatures will be recorded.
    How will students/faculty enter and exit the building?
    All students will enter/exit the building via two separate doorways. Students will enter the building (coming from the parking lot) by the doors closest to the main office and exit via the doors closest to the cafeteria. This will be clearly marked.
    Will masks be required to be worn and how will this be enforced?
    Students and teachers will be required to wear masks throughout the day. “Mask breaks” will be given in a safe way to allow students and faculty to take a break. This requirement is for the health and safety of our entire community and we expect full compliance.
    What are some of the additional sanitation measures being put in place?
    High-touch services and the bathrooms will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. Student desks will be sanitized in accordance with CDC guidelines. Each evening a full disinfecting of the building will also take place. All students will be required to use the touchless hand sanitizers outside every classroom prior to entering. All bathrooms have new touchless paper towel dispensers installed.
    How will the school handle a positive case of COVID-19?
    Albertus Magnus will work directly with the CDC and local health officials in responding to any positive case of COVID-19. Any student or staff member exhibiting symptoms will be quarantined in the nurse’s offices and will be required to be tested in order to come back into the building. In the event of a positive case, the school may need to go to an all virtual delivery of instruction for one or both teams.
    Does the school have a process for contact tracing and what is the communications plan to families?
    The task force is currently creating this protocol and it will be shared with the school community prior to opening day.
  • Teaching and Learning

    How are the classrooms being set-up to ensure social distancing?
    Classrooms have been set-up to allow for a max of 15 students. Each desk is socially distance from all other desks.
    How are Team Albertus and Team Magnus being created?
    Team Albertus and Team Magnus are still being established. Every effort will be made to keep family members on the same team.
    How will the college process work for the seniors?
    The college process will remain at the heart of the work our excellent college guidance team does with the Seniors this Fall. This is an anxiety-filled time for our students and parents and we will continue to give personalized attention to each student and will continue to offer our typical program this fall.
    Will a virtual only option be available for families if requested?
    This is currently being evaluated by the task force. Should you have a medical need for a virtual only option please contact Mr. Power directly.
    Will textbooks be provided for the students?
    Students will take all textbooks home and while in school will have electronic access to all materials they will need.
    How will tests/exams be administered?
    To maintain test integrity, all exams will be given while students are present in school.
    Will there be PE Class?
    PE class will take place but in a revised format. Our task force continues to evaluate all options in this area.
    How will virtual learning be conducted?
    Whether in a hybrid or all virtual model, ALL students will be required to be visually present for direct instruction from the teacher following the regular academic schedule. All students, whether participating in school or virtually will be required to be in school uniform.
    How will Albertus Magnus continue to support students with learning difference or those that would like afterschool help?
    Afterschool help will continue to be offered as well as new virtual opportunities for extra help are being created. Students who currently receive support services will continue to receive these services and those families will be contacted directly by Mrs. Mapelli.
  • Athletics, Clubs, and Field Trips

    If there are athletics and clubs offered will students be allowed to participate on the days they are learning from home?
    Students will be permitted to participate in athletics/clubs/activities as long as they are marked as present either in the classroom or in the virtual classroom.
    Will there be any school trips in the Fall?
    All school field trips have been cancelled
  • Campus Infrastructure

    Will students eat lunch in the cafeteria and will lunch be served?
    Students will eat in the cafeteria each day which has been set up to ensure social distancing of 49 sq. ft around each student. A decision has not yet been made as to whether meals will be served or all students will be required to bring their own lunch.
    What is being done to assist with social distancing in the hallways during the changing of classes?
    Directional arrows are being placed throughout the building and all students and staff will be expected to follow them while changing classes to assist with maintaining social distancing.
    Will students be permitted to travel outside between classes?
    The task force is currently looking at opportunities for students to pass from class to class traveling outside the building.
  • Emergency Drills

    Will Albertus Magnus continue to conduct Safety drills?
    All safety drills required by New York State will continue to be conducted. These drills include monthly fire drills, lockdown and shelter in place, as well as, evacuation drills. In every case, social distancing guidelines will continue to be maintained.

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