AM fAMily During the Corona Virus
Falcons for Falcons

Falcons for Falcons

Dear fAMily,

As a fAMily, we want to be supportive of each other. These are unprecedented times as we all know but what we can do right now is what we have always done- support each other.

If you own a business, we want to support your business. Share your business details by clicking here (look for the fAMily Business Profile and click the Review button to complete it) and we will share a list of our Albertus owned businesses with our Albertus community so that they can support you!

Another way to support each other is with prayer. We want to continue to pray for Albertus fAMily members who work in health care, are first responders or essential staff that have committed to serving their communities during this global pandemic. Click here to be included on our first responder/essential workers prayer list. Include name, class (if alum) and your job.

Lastly, let’s remember who gave us all the chance to be part of the Albertus fAMily! Please take a moment and send a message to the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill. Their vision and dedication gave us Albertus. They would love to hear from you! Click here to send an email that will be shared with the Sisters. Include name and class (if alum). You can include a message for one particular sister or the congregation. If you can respond to any or all of the above by April 10th we would appreciate it.

Thank you and be well!

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