AM fAMily During the Corona Virus

Most Recent Communication from the Principal

May 1, 2020

Dear Albertus Magnus Community,

Albertus Magnus High School has continued to adapt and overcome all obstacles that COVID-19 has put in our path. The teachers continue to teach, the students continue to learn, and the community continues to succeed through this pandemic. I’d also like to recognize our parents who have been there to support our students throughout these difficult times, as I realize that they themselves have had to deal with many issues of their own that were presented by this crisis.

As directed by Governor Cuomo’s executive order, the Albertus Magnus school building will remain closed through the end of June. Distance learning will continue, and our faculty and administration will remain proactive and continue to adapt to ensure that our students receive the excellent faith-based education that Albertus Magnus is known for.
I will work with our Guidance Department, teachers and staff to ensure that students, particularly our seniors, are provided the opportunities for celebration and recognition of their achievements and graduation. Many parents have begun to inquire about refunds for class trips and activities that were cancelled because of the pandemic. The business office at Albertus will make it a priority to pursue venues for refunds and issue reimbursements to our parents. I have also attached a letter from Cater to You, our school lunchroom caterers, directing parents on how to receive refunds if they have credits on their student’s account.

St. Albert the Great Pray for Us!

Christopher M. Power
Albertus Magnus High School
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