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Letter From the Principal on Current Racial Issues

June 12, 2020

Dear Parents:

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  As we wind down our school year, we are all wondering how what we have been through thus far will impact our future plans.  What we do know, however, is that we at Albertus will continue to seek the best possible strategies to address the issues of our times..

As a Dominican Catholic High School, we are committed to live the values of our faith and the core beliefs of the Dominican Order. These principles are our guide in times of hardship such as the ones we face in our society today. As we are all aware, the death of George Floyd has turned the focus of social discourse to the issue of racism. In response to his death and the aftermath, Albertus issued the attached statement, indicating our stance. We ask that you read this if you have not previously done so. Both our Mission statement and the policies in our handbook reaffirm our belief that every person is made in God’s image and that any form of violence against anyone violates the dignity of human life and cannot be tolerated.

While realizing that you, the parents, are the first educators and influencers of your children’s attitudes toward others, the administration, faculty, and staff, will continue to work together to develop strategies that will strengthen our commitment to instill the values of the Gospel in our students’ minds and hearts, while actively addressing issues of intolerance. We know that this is not a perfect world, but by working together we can make a difference here at AM.

As the faculty and staff work together this summer to develop strategies to educate and sensitize our students to the issues of racism in our society and how those issues effect the Albertus community, I ask that all of our parents work with us to do the same. We encourage you to refer back to the principles the Dominican Order as set out in the attached statement and help reinforce those principles at home.  Also, I ask that you remind our students of the dangers and consequences of hateful and irresponsible postings on social media

I truly believe that there are better days ahead for our country and us all. Please pray for the victims of racism and for our law enforcement officers, who are on the front line facing the challenging issues presented to our society daily.

God Bless America and St. Albert the Great Pray for Us!

Christopher M. Power

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