AM fAMily During the Corona Virus
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Letter From the Principal on March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020

Dear Albertus Magnus School Community,

As I have sat here in my office at Albertus Magnus the last two weeks, tending to matters that will best keep the education and instruction of our students on schedule through these trying times, the quiet building and the silence is unsettling. It certainly has made me realize the importance of fAMily and the Albertus Magnus Community. I know that these are very difficult times for all of us and the social isolation and anxiety has made it more challenging especially for our young students. Please keep an eye on our young people and encourage social interaction and community as limited as it may be at this time.

Please take advantage of the Albertus Magnus website and the recently created site, “AM Family During the Corona Virus”, as it is very informative and helpful with questions and issues about the Corona Virus as it effects on Albertus Magnus. We encourage the students to take advantage of the physical education application created and available through our Athletic and our Physical Education Departments , as physical activity is essential to coping during these stressful times. Additionally, encourage students to participate in virtual “Spirit Week”.  Please refer to Ms Wassmer’s e-mail from today for more details, as we hope that students will continue to remain involved in our community through school spirit.

The Governor has extended the school closure order through April 14th.  This means that under the present order, schools may reopen on April 15.  However, Albertus Magnus is scheduled to be closed beginning Holy Thursday, April 9th until Monday April 20th, for Easter recess. At this time, I will explicitly communicate to our community that the identified recess on our calendar will be used to worship and recognize the most important Holy Days of our Church calendar. Additionally, we all need a break/vacation and a rest from the new norm we have established. If on April 14th we decide that we will reopen on April 20th, we will use Wednesday, April 15th Thursday, April 16th to communicate and catch up on what is necessary. If we are closed beyond the April 20th, we will continue to remain closed the entire week on break.

I am grateful to our school community for the understanding and support that has been demonstrated during these challenging times. Our students, parents and faculty have met the challenge of distance learning, the new norm. We continue to teach the curriculum, have used the technology that we had in place prior to the crisis, and through professional development and student instruction, we continue to improve.

I ask that you keep in mind and pray for the first responders, workers and health care professionals who are working tirelessly and risking their health during these very difficult times. We are forever grateful for their efforts and pray for their health and safety throughout this crisis. I also ask that we pray for each other and our families who may be going through difficult times because of health or economic difficulties.

These are times of uncertainty. I will keep you up to date and communicate information as it develops and effects the Albertus Magnus Community.

St. Albert the Great Pray for Us,

Christopher M. Power
Albertus Magnus High School
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