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When making my decision to come to Albertus Magnus, I not only considered the high education and countless options given, but also the many athletic opportunities I would be given. Going onto play division one at Colgate University, Albertus has been extremely supportive and helpful through the entire process. Beyond the help I received for college, Albertus sports team have always given me amazing memories. We play a rigorous schedule with nationally ranked teams, making it both competitive and exciting. I am very thankful for the support of the AM community who generously support our school. - Josie Cavallo '22
    • Josie Cavallo


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Through the 6 technology courses that I’ve taken, I’ve become proficient in word, excel, and access, and can also code in Batch, Perl, SQL, html, CSS, and JavaScript. Coming into Albertus, I had little knowledge on the world of IT and software development. Now a senior, I’m eager to continue my studies of technology - hopefully- at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am thankful for the Albertus community who support our school and help students like myself to succeed. - Luke McKenna '22
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Throughout my 4 years, I became inspired to help the community around us. Sr Nancy and Campus Ministry work with students to help local communities. I have been able to volunteer at a midnight runs to NYC to help the homeless. During the pandemic, I wanted to help even more underprivileged and so I organized a donation drive where I was able to make over 180 bags of dental hygiene items to donate to meals on wheels. I have had many opportunities at Albertus to follow my personal dreams and I am excited to attend Scranton next year to play soccer. Thank you for your support of Albertus that has allowed students like myself to succeed. - Anna Donnellan '22
    • Anna Donnellan

I am Slaughter class of 2022. Albertus helped me find my passion in Biology and playing football. Freshman year I was unsure about playing football and what I wanted to major in college. Since coming to Albertus,   I have had a great experience in our Science labs doing hands on experiments and our football team has made it to the semi- finals of playoffs for this season. I am so grateful for the support of the AM teachers, coaches and guidance department. With the support of the AM community, I am on a path to college and a successful career. - Slaughter Joseph '22
As a graduating senior, I can confidently say that the broad range of honors and Advanced Placement classes offered at Albertus has well prepared me for the highest caliber of college and given me a competitive advantage in the application process. The teachers and guidance department at Albertus have been very engaged in helping me to succeed both in class and in my other scholastic pursuits. I have been named a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist and a National Hispanic Scholar. In addition, thanks to the science and math foundation I gained at Albertus, I was selected for the Columbia University Science Honors Program. This summer, I participated in West Point’s Summer Leaders Experience, as well as the Coolidge Senators Summit in Washington, DC. These accolades will open doors for me in college as well as offer the opportunity to win scholarships. None of these achievements would have been possible without the support of the AM faculty and staff. I am extraordinarily grateful to everyone who support Albertus Magnus High School. - Johnny Dedyo '22
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