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While the AM library has long been a hub of learning, research, and support; the needs of our students and our curriculum have evolved. Our teachers and students want to be innovative, need to think differently and must have a space that promotes collaboration, sparks creativity, and ignites learning. The Center of Innovation and Learning creates for the AM student a college-level learning destination where they will continue to have the resources and environment needed for them to thrive. To pursue excellence requires purposeful planning and growth. This expansion to our academic facility and program will ensure our Falcons are fully prepared to meet their goals and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

What does your gift to the Center for Innovation & Learning help support?

  • TV/Production Studio
  • Two 3-D printers
  • Flexible seating for student learning
  • Three designated teaching and learning areas
  • Self-enclosed classroom of new Engineering & Business Courses
  • Technology office
  • New InFocus Smart boards for collaborative learning
  • And much, much more!

Project Announcement

Our goal is $50,000 and every dollar more allows us to do more
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