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Senior Quotes


“What I like about Albertus is that everyone is family. Albertus is a small community, and everyone knows each other. Albertus is a school where it feels cozy like home, like your second home.” - Chris
“Albertus is a great school because it is inclusive of all students. No students are treated different for any reason and because of that I have made many new friends. The teachers are also really nice, they make real connections with the students.” – Daniel
“I love Albertus because of the small atmosphere, I know pretty much everyone. The teachers provide a good education and are invested in the students. Albertus is a faith filled community where we can come together and express our faith.” – Marco
“At Albertus Magnus I was able to do what I would not be able to do in other schools. My sophomore year I was able to join the football team. Being the only girl on the team taught me a lot. The team created a home like atmosphere. Now that my senior season is ending, I feel like I have left my mark.” – Anna
“The Albertus Magnus Music Department provides many opportunities for students to express their love and devotion for the art of music. There are many events such as the concerts for chorus and band, singing around at events in Rockland with the honors choir, the spring musical, the NYSSMA music festival and many more that students can explore.” – Justine
“Albertus is a place where the teachers go the extra mile for you. School masses are important and bring us together in Christ. Because we are a school on the smaller side, it truly is a fAMily.” – Zuni-Mar
“Albertus Magnus has a fantastic educational system, as its staff and faculty are very attentive to their students. This is helped in large part by the small class sizes, and incredibly diverse course selections available to students. The student body is also very cordial, and because of the school environment it’s easy to find friends that will last for years!” – Matthew
“Albertus is more than just a school – it is a community and a fAMily. The teachers at Albertus are special as well, they make connections with the students and they want the students to succeed. Also, Albertus has many different opportunities for students to get involved through clubs, sports and service. Albertus helps students grow in their faith, study and athleticism in their own unique way.” – Greg
“Being at Albertus has brought out the best in me. I have had many great opportunities that I would not have had anywhere else. I am thankful for all the people who I have met here, and for all the great experiences I have had throughout the school and all the teams I have been on. By being on the soccer team I have learned valuable lessons and made great memories.” – Jack
“I like Albertus because of the close-knit community within the school. Everybody knows each other, and when walking through the hallways you can say hi to everybody you see. Also, the food is really good.” – Chris
“Albertus is an amazing school. Albertus has made me a better student but most importantly a better person. It is a great place because everyone is family and you can make new friends very easily. Albertus also has the best teachers in the county. Albertus is a special place and it has certainly prepared me well for college.” – Cameron
“I love Albertus because I transferred here and made great friends. The people here come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. I also love the food and the amazing staff that treats us like family. We truly love this school because we are all one big family. Our sports games are so warm, and we feel like we are part of the team. We really feel at home here and I would recommend Albertus to anyone.” – Aidan
“I love Albertus Magnus for many reasons. The teachers really care about the students. The community is also very close, and school events are always really fun.” – Dominic
“Albertus is a great school because it’s a great family here. The teaching staff is committed to the students. There are activities everywhere and the coaching staff is also great.” – Mike
“Albertus Magnus is a good school for me because it introduced me to many people. It helped me realize who I want to be as a person now and when I am older. Albertus made me a great student and got me ready for college.” – Nicolas
“Albertus Magnus and their staff has a personable relationship with all the students. Each teacher makes a connection to everyone of their students. If one of us begins to struggle they are there to help us understand and truly learn the material.” – Riley
“There are many things I could say about Albertus; that the food is the best, the faculty are generous and that you never feel left out. But the most important thing is that apart from my cheerleading team, the Albertus Magnus faculty, staff and students are like a third family to me. Not a day goes by that a staff member does not say ‘good morning’ or ‘have a good one.’ When I leave this school, I will truly miss the great and positive memories I have made, and I will never forget that I am AM!” – Jada
“I’m grateful for the English and Art programs at our school. To me they heightened the experience I had here, and I’m a better person for having participated in them. Fortunately, I also met my best friend here, as well as some other great people.” – Nick
“Attending Albertus Magnus was the best decision of my adolescent career. Every teacher, even those who I have never had, know me by name without hesitating. My peers have become my closest friends, guaranteed to last for life. Every person – student, faculty or custodian – that I have met at Albertus has been supportive of my efforts, always wishing me the best. As a member of every spring musical as well as the Veritas Honors Choir, the entire student body has been enormously encouraging. Albertus is where I have found my voice.” – Faith
“I am thankful for all of the people I have met, friends and teachers included. I have built relationships with my teachers that have helped me throughout my years at Albertus. Everyone is so supportive of each other, Albertus is a small family-like community where everyone is welcomed. Between multiple sports teams, chorus, and our new dance team I have an overabundance of support and friends who are always there to back me up. Albertus is open to anyone who is willing to offer their service, work hard, and become part of the AM family.” – Rileigh
“My experience at Albertus Magnus has changed me over the past four years. I have grown as a person, as an athlete, and became more involved in my community. I was able to be a part of the first Field Hockey team at our school and scored the first goal in school history. I made memories and friends that I will never forget.” – Jillian
“Albertus Magnus has helped me to succeed in many aspects of my life. With the help of my teachers and coaches I have excelled both academically and athletically. I was given a great opportunity as a freshman to become the starting pitcher for varsity softball. This allowed me to develop as a leader and earn recognition such as All-League and All -Section. I learned time management skills, being on two varsity sports teams and taking many challenging classes. Albertus also helped me to make some of my closest friends and memories that I will never forget.” – Kelly
“Albertus Magnus High School means a lot to me. It’s been a place where I can be who I am. It’s been a place where I could go when I felt that I had nowhere else to go. Albertus means a lot to me and I will always feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go here.” – Marilyn
“I believe Albertus Magnus has made me a better person, in various ways. From the tight-knit community aspect, to the personable teacher-student relationships, I have become a driven student who strives for future success. I was given the tools to academically succeed both in the classroom as well as on the soccer field. Albertus made high school a great experience for me, and I am grateful for all the people I met along the way.” – Julia
“During my years at Albertus Magnus, I have truly grown as a person. I am thankful for the long-lasting friendships I have made, and teachers who have helped me strengthen my character. I have experienced community service projects that allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and took rigorous courses that pushed me to the best of my academic ability; preparing me for college and the future.” – Kayla
“I am thankful for the companions I have met, the knowledge I have gained, the community I was so warmly welcomed into, and a home away from home. Through Albertus, I was able to start the American Sign Language Club and expand the deaf community throughout the school. Albertus offers many service opportunities that helped me grow as a person spiritually. I am grateful for the memories and the friendships that I have made, which I will forever cherish.” – Jessica
“Albertus is a great school because at the center of all its values is the idea of family. Everyone is nice to each other, not just the students but faculty as well. It is an environment that I have been so blessed to have been in these past four years, and it is unlike any other school around us. You will never feel unwelcome or alone, because everyone makes it their personal mission to help all students have an amazing four years.” – Meaghan
“Albertus is a small school which allows for a tight-knit, community feel. The school offers many courses, allowing for so many opportunities and ways to enhance your experience. Albertus also makes school fun. They invite speakers, hold pep-rallies, host dances and run fun events. The faculty are always available to help, offer guidance, and are extremely kind and knowledgeable. Albertus boasts competitive sports programs as well as a wide variety of clubs and programs, allowing everyone to find their niche.” – Katie
“Albertus Magnus has been my home for the past four years. There are so many reasons I look forward to coming to AM. My friends are one. I met some of the greatest friends here, and I know that they will be lifelong friends. The environment – AM is a warm, friendly place where I am always comfortable. The staff is always there for me, and the teachers are more than teachers, they are friends who guide us to make the right decisions.” – Tara
“I am thankful for the friendships and relationships I have made at Albertus Magnus. I met some of my best friends here and will cherish the many memories I have made forever. The exceptional teachers and coaches at Albertus have taught me how to be a leader not only in the classroom, but on the soccer field. They have also taught me to always try my best in everything and to strive for greatness.” – Colette
“I have learned many things in my time at Albertus Magnus. I learned how to work and be a member of a team through the multiple sports teams I’ve been a part of. I’ve learned how to be organized and get my work done. My time at Albertus has been crucial to developing myself and taking steps to become an adult.” – Jesse
“Albertus has changed me as a student, an athlete and as a person. When I first came to AM, I was scared to leave all my friends from public school. I didn’t want to make new friends. On the first day of school, I felt like I was home. I began to play football my sophomore year, and I was brought into another family. Albertus has encouraged me to try my hardest to achieve my goals. My friend Steve and I have wanted to start an ice hockey team since our freshman year. With encouragement from teachers and the help of our athletic director, we now have a hockey team. Albertus has changed me, it has taught me to do everything I can to achieve my goals and to never give up.” – Jake
“Albertus Magnus helped me find an environment I can be comfortable in. I have made so many friends from stage crew and my classes. The teachers at Albertus make you feel at home and try to create a connection with all their students. I hope many of the friendships I have built here will last me a lifetime.” – Brendan
“Albertus has instilled a great sense of community within me throughout the past four years. Coming into the school freshman year, community service was never an important aspect of my life and seemed insignificant to my high school experience. As the years progressed, I began to realize just how greatly completing service activities has shaped me into the person I am today. To date, I have completed over one hundred hours of community service, putting my effort and heart into each activity. I am forever grateful for the service morale that Albertus has developed within me, and I cannot wait to see where it will take me in the future.” – Kaylee
“I am thankful for the friendships I have made at Albertus. Through the theater department, campus ministry, athletics and academics, I have made connections with people that I know will last a lifetime. I am confident that my experiences here have shaped me as a person and will guide me throughout my life after AM.” – Elizabeth
“I like Albertus Magnus because of all the opportunities that were provided throughout my four years. Another reason is the amazing community and family that is at Albertus. The teachers are great and caring and go out of their way to help the students succeed.” – Scott
“Albertus has helped me make many friends that I am very grateful for. I have met them through clubs, stage crew, sitting in the lunch room, and even just by riding the bus. I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Albertus Magnus High School. I believe I have found my place here at Albertus as well as a second home.” – Caitlin
“My time here at Albertus has been a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve been given a great opportunity to meet some of my best friends here while also getting the chance to play on the Albertus lacrosse team. It’s been so much fun because this is a sport I’ve never played before, but I earned a spot on the varsity team. Albertus has given me great memories that I will remember for a lifetime.” – Aidan
“Albertus has helped me learn what a true friend is and how people should treat others. I’ve made some of the greatest friends here and I’m so thankful for them. I am also thankful for the English department for giving me a true love for the language and encouraging me to pursue a career in English.” – Emma
“Albertus Magnus has been home for four years. I came into the school knowing two people and will leave in May with 130 new friends. Not only are my fellow classmates my friends, but the teachers are friends too. They have supported me and been tough on me, helping me to mature and learn. I wouldn’t change the past four years here and will remember my experience with these amazing people all my life.” – Christiana
“During my time at Albertus I have grown a lot as a student and a person. At first, I was very scared to transfer in late from public school, but I was automatically welcomed and created great friendships with many students. Albertus has also pushed me to do better academically and helped me achieve many goals during my time here. Coming to Albertus was the best decision I made.” – Christina
“I am grateful for my experience at Albertus Magnus. I have developed many relationships that have helped shape me into the person I am today. Albertus has made me a better person and student. I am thankful for the teachers that have helped me get through my four years here and the friends that have stuck by me.” – Faith
“I am grateful for my experience at Albertus because of the community and football team. The small community helped me get very close to my peers and helped me find my true self. The football team has taught me camaraderie and perseverance all the while conditioning my body. As a captain, I also learned how to be a disciplined leader.” – Glenn
“The English department at Albertus has helped me succeed tremendously. All the teachers in the department have given me a vast amount of knowledge about the subject. Due to their incredible teaching, my writing skills have improved greatly. I appreciate each of these teachers for everything they have taught me, and I know I will continue to use the skills they have instilled in me after I graduate.” – Noah
“When I first walked into Albertus, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Through Albertus Performing Arts, I have made emotional connections with the cast, crew and staff. I went through physical and mental challenges preparing myself for one of the most impactful moments of my life. If I did not go to Albertus, I would not have wanted to major in the arts and not known how important music is to my life.” – Catherine
“The teachers at Albertus have really helped me to achieve my highest academic goals, realize my true potential and feel less stress when applying for college. The atmosphere has changed me for the better and encouraged me to become more social and involved not only in the school community, but in my community at large. I thank Albertus for helping me break out of my shell and making me feel comfortable being myself, something I have not experienced at other schools.” – Jasper
“I like Albertus Magnus because it is family oriented in sports and in the classroom. We practice good religious values by going to Mass and in our everyday life. Albertus has many clubs and sports that help you meet new people and become friends with students you would not normally see around school.“ – Gabriella
“There are a few reasons why I like Albertus. Being at Albertus allowed me to form special bonds with my teachers. I can go to them for help and they will help me for as long as needed, they won’t stop until you get it. For me specifically, I can go to my art teacher, Ms. Wassmer for help on my portfolio for college. The teachers here helped me develop as the person and student I am today.” – Christina
“Being a student at Albertus has made me a better person and has given me so many opportunities. The welcoming atmosphere and friendliness bring a sense of community to the school. Here I have made friends and relationships with teachers that I would never have made in public school. Albertus has shown me how much community service means to others and has shown me to love helping others.” – Sydney
“Albertus Magnus is a great community. The teachers are always there to help. They go above and beyond. The student camaraderie is great, Albertus Magnus is a great school.” – Ryan
“The reason I like Albertus is the teachers’ dedication to the school. There are several teachers who live far away, and make the long, early drive or stay late to give extra help. They really make this school feel like a family.” – Christopher
“I would not trade my AM experience for anything. Over the four years I’ve spent here, I found a deep love for music and theater. I have also created many long-lasting friendships that will carry on throughout my life. Albertus has prepared me mentally and academically for whatever the future holds. AM teachers have been constant reminders of the hard work and effort that it requires to be a Falcon. And it was all worth it. There is no other school I would rather attend. Nothing compares to the fAMily.” – Sean
“I am thankful for the truly special academic experiences I have had at Albertus. Our amazing faculty is always willing to go the extra mile to help their students, be it by staying late or coming in early for extra help or test prep. All of this, in addition to the welcoming culture of fAMily fostered by a community of students who truly love their high school, has made for a high school experience I would not trade for anything.” – Mary
“Albertus Magnus is a second home to me. As I enter school in the mornings, I am greeted by amazing friends and teachers. It is such a positive environment in which to be included. Everyone is looking out for your best interest, especially the teachers who are always after school to help with either homework or studying. Albertus has a strong family aspect because everyone knows each other from sports and activities outside of class. This school is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a community.” – Cedric
“Albertus Magnus is a tight knit and loving community of friends and teachers. It is a great place to learn in the classroom and perform on the stage and on the field. The teachers are helpful and care about the success of their students not only in the classroom but outside as well. It does a fantastic job of preparing its students for college and many go on to top tier schools as a result. The school is among the best a person can choose for their college preparatory education.” – Michael
“Albertus has given me a myriad of academic opportunities that I would not have had at any other school. The teachers are great and inspiring and clearly care about what they teach as well as their students. I have made amazing friends here at Albertus. I never would have met them had I not come here. I am finally treated with respect and kindness. The past four years at Albertus have been the best years of my life so far. I am finally happy.” – Victoria
“In my time at Albertus I found my forever friends. I found people that I have complete trust in and I can seriously consider my family. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to flourish in the classroom and on the field. I had the chance to be on varsity softball since my freshman year and have been captain since sophomore year. I learned to be a leader and how to handle responsibilities. Albertus has become and always will be my home away from home.” – Katie
“Through my time at Albertus I have learned the feeling of a close community, not only in the classroom but also on the soccer field. I have made great friends and great memories. Albertus has shown me that it is not just a school, but it is also a family. I have been taught how to be a leader from being captain my junior year. I have been taught true hard work, in the classroom and on the soccer field. Albertus has been an amazing experience and I could not appreciate my time here more.” – Julianna
“Albertus Magnus has helped me succeed academically. The past couple of years, Albertus has incorporated college classes from STAC and RCC that allow students to acquire college credits at an affordable price. I have worked extremely hard and this year I am privileged to be received into all five subject honor societies, which qualify me for the National Honor Society. I have also made friendships that have helped me grow as a person and that I know I will have forever. I am very grateful for my four years at Albertus because I have been able to succeed academically and leave with friendships that have truly changed me for the better.” – Victoria

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