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“Albertus Magnus High School is a Catholic co-educational community of faith in which future leaders strive for academic excellence, seek Truth and show respect for the dignity of each person.”
-Mission Statement.

Since its founding over 800 years ago, the Dominican Order has been a beacon for academic studies, in order to cast light on the Truth so that each member of the human family receives the respect they deserve as a child of God. Our founders, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill, have carried on that mission for over 140 years, advocating for the poor, oppressed and disenfranchised of our society. In 2016, they reaffirmed their commitment to justice by stating:

“Faithful to our Dominican charism, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of truth in order to address more effectively the needs of our suffering world. Climate change, immigration, peace, racism, and needs of women are some of the issues that cry out for God’s healing power. Our peaceful presence brings hope to a world torn by violence.”

As a Dominican Catholic High School, we stand in solidarity with those responding to the violent death of George Floyd and all who have lost their lives to the sin of racism. The Gospel centered values we proclaim, impel us to challenge those whose actions, by word or deed, are contrary to the teachings and example of Jesus as well as those of Saints Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, Martin de Porres, and Oscar Romero, Dorothy Day, Sojourner Truth, Ghandi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We stand with all who follow their path as they peacefully protest to bring about change. We abhor the use of violence by any person toward any person, group or property.

May we all become the peacemakers Jesus sought, knowing peace comes at a price. Let us commit to never use words or actions that degrade others. Let Truth shine a light on what separates us and work together to seek peaceful solutions so that all will have the respect and dignity they deserve.

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