Beginning last Wednesday, March 24th, members of the A.M. Preaching Team began preparations to bring the sacredness of Holy Week to our Rotunda. A special cross from our chapel was carried by members of the team and placed in the Rotunda. This cross was handcrafted by Jake Holland, Class of ’17, when he was a member of the Preaching Team. It has been a special part of our Stations of the Cross service ever since.

On Thursday and Friday, the scene was expanded to include symbols of those days we hold most sacred as we recall the passion and death of Jesus. Of course, this year, as we can’t all gather as a fAMily in our gym for the stations we had to journey with Jesus another way. For this the Preaching Team created a Power Point for the stations, under the guidance of AM preacher, Patrick Tyler, ‘22. Each member of the team did a voice over for a station and as we do each year, Mrs. Borges’ singing of the Via Dolorosa provided a meditative backdrop for the 12th station, Jesus dies on the cross. Students were invited to place stones representing any burdens or concerns they may have at the foot of the cross. The Stations of the Cross is always a special event here at A.M. that unites us in prayer as a community and underscores the Catholic identity of our school.
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