Pi Day Fun!

The AMHS Math Department celebrated Pi Day with our classes, incorporating a variety of fun, “hands-on” activities to commemorate March 14th, or 3.14 day!  
Students in Mrs. Maher’s Geometry classes derived the formula for pi by measuring the circumference and diameter of several household objects, such as coffee cans, soup cans, etc. as well as some tasty round treats such as donut holes and cookies! In Mrs. Palmer’s classes, students used toothpicks to approximate the value of pi with probability. Each student also consulted a website to determine where the digits in his or her birthday appear in the digits for pi. Mrs. Astbury’s Algebra classes used nine-sided dice to see how many turns it would take to roll the first ten digits of pi. Eleventh and twelfth graders in Mr. Vlad’s classes conducted internet research to discover real-world applications for pi. No celebration would be complete without food so all of the classes enjoyed eating pies and cookies while completing word searches about important terms relating to pi. A fun-filled day was had by all!
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