Easter Traditions in Spain

Ms. Santos Spanish 4 class learned about Holy Week in Spain. After the lesson their project was to make a poster and make one of the craft or food involved with Semana Santa (Holy Week)
The students created the following traditional Easter dishes and crafts. 
Cascarones- are empty eggshells that have been colored, filled with paper confetti, and sealed with a piece of colorful tissue paper. They were named after the Spanish word for shell: “cáscara.” They're typically used around Easter and fiestas, but are a festive addition to any party 
Torrijas  - Forget chocolate Easter eggs, the Spanish have their own Easter treats. Like French toast, torrijas are typically eaten around Easter time. They consist of bread, dipped in milk and egg, then fried, before being sprinkled in sugar and drenched in honey. Some of them also have a burnt sugar layer on the top, similar to a crème brûlée. Some of the best torrijas can be found in the Basque Country.  
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