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A Message from Our Director of Student Life

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome! As the Director of Student Life at Albertus Magnus High School, I enjoy getting to know our students, learning about their strengths, and seeing their accomplishments.  I love playing an active role in the school community and being a part of the Falcon fAMily!  

The Director of Student Life is responsible for many day-to-day facets of life at Albertus Magnus, including the Discipline and Commendations program. The Director of Student Life office is also responsible for aspects of student life outside of the classroom, such as overseeing our clubs and activities programs where our students can challenge themselves to try something new, learn how to become a leader, or practice a new skill just for fun. While lessons in the classroom are very important, at Albertus Magnus, we want our students to have every opportunity to be well rounded and by offering this vast array of extracurricular activities, the students are bound to find something that speaks to them.

The Albertus Magnus community is a place where young women and men learn to be empowered and resilient; where they create long-lasting friendships and where, with hard work and determination, they overcome potential obstacles and achieve success. Our mission is to educate the whole person. We want our students to be academically successful but also strong, happy, resilient, and compassionate people. We hope that our students take what they learn at Albertus out into the world with them, never forgetting that they will always have a home and a fAMily at AMHS.

I look forward to meeting you throughout your time at Albertus Magnus and appreciate your support throughout the school year!

Mandy Aikens
Director of Student Life

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    Mrs. Mandy Aikens 

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