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Campus Ministry exists to nurture and support the Albertus Family in their spiritual development, develop student leadership and encourage outreach to the broader community both locally and globally through the four Pillars of Dominican Life, Prayer, Study, Community and Service.

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    Sr. Diane McSherry 

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As a Dominican High School, our faith life centers on the Dominican motto; Laudare – to Praise, Benedicere – to bless, Praedicare-to preach.

All faith-related celebrations and activities, including Masses, prayer services, retreat experiences, workshops, public witness events, whether within or outside of school, allow students and staff to deepen their relationship to God, recognize the blessings we share, and be preachers of the Good News, in word or deed. Students serve as lectors, acolytes, prayer leaders and preachers as well as participate in daily prayer as a school community and privately in the sacred space of our chapel.


Veritas, or Truth, is the center of Dominican life. Through the Dominican concept of study, we encourage each student to embrace the study of academics as well as the analysis of the signs of our times in order to deepen our knowledge and understanding -to be seekers of Truth - in order to develop our gifts to serve each other. We believe that this form of study is necessary to know God and the principles for living a life of faith.
Freshman theology includes a first semester orientation course in Dominican Life.

Freshman through Senior year classes are assigned a Dominican Pillar to use as a focus for the year.


Dominican life is underpinned with a strong sense of community which is woven into the fabric of our Albertus Magnus Family. First and foremost, as a community of faith, we recognize that each person has been created for a special purpose and brings a unique giftedness that enhances who we are as the Albertus Family. Additionally, we realize that we belong to and have a responsibility to the larger communities beyond us and seek ways to work together to respond to those needs.


The long-standing Dominican tradition of service at Albertus Magnus is a hallmark of a student’s experience, for it is here that the preaching comes to life. Engagement in service allows each student to bring their experiences of prayer, study and community beyond the walls of Albertus to the realities that exist both locally and globally.

Many opportunities exist both within and beyond the school for service such as Midnight Runs, service trips, and various club activities. Students are also encouraged to work with the Campus Ministry office to address other needs and develop strategies for outreach.
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