Virtual Grandparents Mass

Mrs. Una Miller

Grandparents Mass

Tuesday, November 24 
Virtual Mass starts at 9:45 am

Albertus will host our annual Grandparent’s Day Thanksgiving Mass on November 24th at 9:45 am as a virtual Mass. We recognize that our students' grandparents play a critical role in the lives of their grandchildren and as a token of our appreciation and thanksgiving, we will continue this tradition, although virtual and livestreamed, for all grandparents and students to participate.

For the 2020 Grandparent Thanksgiving Mass, registration is required by November 20th using the below link. Parents/Guardians of students can complete the registration on behalf of the grandparents. You can also provide the name of a deceased grandparent who will be included in the prayers of the Mass.

After registering:
  • Grandparents will receive the link to participate in the Mass. (If the grandparent does not have email, you can list a parent/guardian email to receive the link.)
  • Each grandparent will be mailed a letter of thanks and a special prayer card from Albertus to the grandparent’s home address provided in the registration.
If you have any questions regarding this virtual event,
please contact Sr. Nancy Richter at
or Mrs. Una Miller at

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