Memorial, Tributes , and Community-based Scholarships

Any candidate that formally applies to Albertus Magnus for the Class of 2028 and submits the required admissions documentation by December 1, 2023 can apply for our memorial and tribute family scholarships.
The required admissions documentation is:

  • Albertus Magnus Admissions Application
  • Ninth Grade Applicant Record (school transcript)
  • English & Math teacher recommendation forms
The deadline for submitting the following scholarship applications and required essays is December 8, 2023

These scholarships are made possible by families of the Albertus community.

The Kyle Boyce Memorial Scholarship
The Crapanzano-Solano Family Scholarship (*)
The Herrera Family Scholarship (**)

(*)  Offered every other year       (**) Offered every four years 

Outside community-based scholarship opportunities:
Columbus Citizens Foundation Scholarship - Click here for details

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