Feast of the Ascension

On May 13th  we celebrated, the Feast of the Ascension, a Holy Day of Obligation.  Monsignor Nevin, '65, came to Albertus to celebrate the Mass for our A.M. community at which two special events occurred. Ten members of the Junior class were inducted by Monsignor to serve as Eucharistic Ministers during their Year. These students, Smiley Argenio, Janielle Atienza, Olivia Aviles, Isabella Garcia, Jack Higgins, Denise Llguicota, Madison Madera, Nicholas Ricardo, Vivian Sanchez, Ryan Travaglini.  Monsignor then read a special prayer and blessed the Senior class who were able to all attend Mass together in the gym for the first time this year.
WE are blessed as a community to be able to share in Mass together, strengthened by the Word and  Eucharist to a fAMily of prayer and service.
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