The Science Research Program: Claire Sherry, '22

The focus of my research is the use of carbon fiber and composite materials in modern aircraft.
As a future airline pilot and lover of science, my research is guided by the notion of making aviation both safer and more efficient.  My research has taken me from porous carbon nanotubes, to one-piece moldable wings in concept airplanes.
Advancing the field of material sciences requires much trial and error to evaluate performance. Many of the experiments I study consist of simulated crash and failure tests. The molecular structure of carbon fiber plays a key role in its strong, but flexible qualities. It could be in a fully carbon fiber fuselage shell or in an alloy-fiber composite matrix in the wings of the familiar jets we fly on. Having firsthand experience of flying, I can tell you that the littlest things can make the biggest differences. My passion for science and aviation is taking flight….literally.
Albertus Magnus High School
798 Route 304
Bardonia, NY 10954
(845) 623-8842
Fax: (845) 623-0009
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