Two-Dimensional Design and Principles of Marketing Class

Jen Wassmer and Maria Sicola
For the third quarter the Two-Dimensional Design class focused on basic Color Theory and the Messages and Meaning associated with color.
After watching the video "Marketing Color Psychology: What Do Colors Mean and How Do They Affect Consumers?” the 2-D artists were tasked with designing a perfume or cologne based on a mood and a coordinating set of colors. The artists then selected a demographic to design the perfume or cologne for and worked out their ideas through sketching the bottle and the packaging and creating a mood board collage. Once the presentation-quality final pieces were complete the 2-D artists presented their designs to the Principles of Marketing class.

The Principles of Marketing College Prep students acted as marketing managers reviewing the artists’ presentations and designs using target market identification principles and the four key elements of the marketing mix: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place i.e. where would the perfumes be sold. The marketing managers conducted secondary market research to determine if the artists’ selections of packaging – including colors and overall design, perfume or cologne names, fragrance, price, place and brand message as portrayed in the mood boards successfully coincided with their respective target market demographic.
The artists’ creative designs were outstanding and appropriate for their targets. The marketing students did a great job of applying their knowledge to an actual case. Overall, this was a very successful (and fun) example of experiential learning.
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