Sophomore Retreat, Open Your Heart

Sr. Diane McSherry
On October 11, 2023, the sophomores from Albertus Magnus High School traveled to St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, New York, for their class retreat. 
The presenter was Mr. Tony Bellizzi, who has led retreats for high school and college students locally and nationally.  As in everything we do, the day began with prayer. Our students viewed a short video on Nico Calabria, a high school student born with one leg and hip.  His message to the audience was, “I’ve got one leg. You get one life. I’m not going to let the hand I was dealt with dictate what my life is going to be.” Tony Bellizzi’s presentation followed a similar theme: Bring your challenging situations to God and allow God to help you with them. He asked the students, “Is God alive in your heart and soul?” He invited the students to ask themselves this question, “When Jesus knocks at the door of my heart, how open is my heart to let him in?"  Our students reflected on a concern they could bring to Jesus to allow their hearts to open.  He ended the retreat with a twenty-minute guided meditation. It was a peaceful way to allow Jesus to touch our hearts and to remind us that he is always with us.

A special thank you to Dr. Norman Huling, Associate Dean for Student Development at St. Thomas Aquinas College, for providing the venue for our retreat. 

At Albertus Magnus High School, Freshman through Senior year Theology classes are assigned a Dominican Pillar (Prayer, Study, Community, Service) as a focus for the year.  
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