National Honor Society Induction, Class of 2025

Congratulations to these students who have demonstrated The Four Pillars of the National Honor Society, Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character, with induction into the National Honor Society, Seat of Wisdom Chapter at Albertus Magnus.
The National Honor Society Ceremony took place on May 22, 2024.  Mr. Christopher Power, Assistant Head of School welcomed the proud parents, students and fAMily.  The opening prayer and pledge of allegiance was led by Sister Diane McSherry OP '78, Director of Campus Ministry.   Mr. Joseph Tweed, Head of School, was the Speaker. 

In Mr. Tweed's speech, he spoke of the core of the Albertus Magnus Mission, Veritas, the seeking of Truth.  At Albertus Magnus, students are guided through faith and reason to seek truth, to set goals, commit to putting in the work and with grit and persistence, find success.  Congratulations to these Class of 2025 students, who have demonstrated not only the Dominican Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Service, but also the Pillars of the National Honor Society, Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Character.  For the student list, click HERE

Mr. Tweed, "One of the many things I cherish most about being an educator are moments just like this. A chance, the opportunity to share in this proud moment with each of you, the faculty that taught, challenged and supported you and with your parents who sacrificed to make the opportunity to attend Albertus Magnus possible.  You represent 1/3 of your class and have so much to be proud of today."
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