"Celebration", the Spring edition of The Albert Literary Magazine is now available

From Co-Editors in Chief Miriam Glenn '24 and Ava Cintron '25 comes the Spring edition of The Albert Literary Magazine "Celebration".
Dear Readers,

Spring is encapsulated by beauty and growth; it is the transition period between frosty winters and scorching summers. It is this time of year when nature begins to flourish once more, and I cannot help but correlate this period of nourishment with celebration. From magnificent festivals honoring culture and tradition to quaint birthday dinners surrounded by loved ones, celebrations mark a plethora of importance and joy within each of our lives. Each gathering reminds us to cherish the moments that have been created, no matter how big or small. Considering the rejuvenation and charm that Spring provides, The Albert has chosen to focus on the theme, ‘Celebration!’, click HERE to enjoy. 


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